DoW Episode 44 w/ Matias “Brave Newbie” Otero

“The Butterfly Effect, the thing that makes EVE unique that you want to find, it’s not in highsec.”

Beyond the headlines,  Matias Otero tells the extraordinary story of Brave Newbies Inc.

-Matias has words about the New Player Experience, TEST, 0.0 politics, EVE University, EVE culture/meta, and war decers

-Poll Discussion: Most Important CSM Summit Session (bonus discussion: what’s Wrong with 0.0), Best Change to Retain New Players (bonus: what’s Wrong with highsec),

-Contract Wrap Up: Re-Awakened Technologies WH defense + POS Takedown

-This Week In Mercs: New Noir. Academy CEO, New changes to war decs (good ones for a change),  New mercs listed

-EVE News: NOTEC, Goons 5 O’Clock Free Carrier Giveaway, Armor Tanking Changes, EVE University vs CCP Security (Nosy Gamer),

-CSM Roundup: DUST 514 Minutes MIA (finally released few days ago), Overview of CSM as Stakeholders in the Summer Expansion process

CSM8: Head to Heads

Election season is fast upon us, and several candidates aren’t wasting any time getting out on the campaign trail. The fair Scotts from Crossing Zebras have done an excellent job keeping track of who has declared their candidacy, as well as begun a series of very probing one on one interviews with them.


Every election cycle, each podcast takes a different approach to their campaign coverage. Xander from CZ is taking the one on one interview approach, while traditionally Lost In EVE will feature large groups of candidates in a debate format. So where do we fit in?


Declarations of War will be hosting one on one, head to head debates between candidates. Ranging from two candidates vying for a similar electorate to candidates of radically opposed philosophies, we will bring you a contrast of ideas moderated by the only podcast team featuring someone who’s actually BEEN a CSM.


Expect to see these style episodes grow in frequency over the next two months as more candidates enter the field and the election draws near. Should be awesome.

DoW Episode 43 – ‘Phone calls of a sexual nature’

-Turtle and Alek joined by Deletor (and later Hanthion T Chlovirissian) from Noir. Academy and Puppy UK from EVE Co-Pilot on Youtube
-Milwaukee, WI meetup EVE-O thread:
-Video guides, EVE tutorials, and the direction CCP should take the NPE
-Poll Discussion: the BC changes
-Contract Wrap Up: NA. deploys to Syndicate
-Theorycrafting the Micro Jump Drive
-This Week in Mercs: Chitsa Jason launches CSM campaign
-News: CFC/Test reset, Battle of Asakai, RvB Poinen rumble, armor tanking changes
-CSM Update: Progress on the CSM-as-Stakeholder, next expansion theme picked, CSM8 candidates announce early