250: Live and Undocked

“Who knew they had friends?”

Declarations of War heads out into space for our 250th episode featuring hosts Alek, Laeve, Zeero with returning guests Anulia and Zia! We reflect back on our first moments with the show, the ongoing conflict between Network and TISHU, and the deft diplomatic maneuverings of VOLTA and FI.RE in between fights.

249: Upgrades

“They shat a collective brick.”

-The Network. expands as Horngry and QCATS join Noir. to make a FW merc powerhouse

-Zeero and Alek break down how the alliance came to be and how it’s all going to work

-Contract Update: Astra save vs FI.RE

-Nullsec shakeup: FI.RE evacuates in the face of PanFam mobilization. Why did 25% of the EVE map suddenly collapse and where do they go from here?

Will FI.RE in ~80% of it's current form last till the end of the year?
© Kama

248: A Christmas Carol

And you didn’t ping me!!!

-The show is visited by hosts of Christmas past, present, and who knows maybe future: Zeero and Artimus return! With special guests, Noir. FCs Anulia and Zia

-A holiday break recap

-2022 Year in Review

-Campaign Update: The Battle of Hallanen

-Major announcement for the future of The Network.

-Nullsec update and look at the possible wars of 2023, including a first hand look at BRAVE’s defense of Pure Blind and recent PL/PH activity in the area

-Nominations for the 2022 Black Mark Awards begins soon!

Winter Break

Hello everyone! Alek here wishing all of our listeners a fun and festive holiday season, with the Happiest of New Years.

Our next episode is scheduled to record on Jan 4. Looking forward to recapping the year, a very cool Contract Update of sorts about what Noir. has been up to the past month, and at least one announcement 😉