DoW Episode 44 w/ Matias “Brave Newbie” Otero

“The Butterfly Effect, the thing that makes EVE unique that you want to find, it’s not in highsec.”

Beyond the headlines,  Matias Otero tells the extraordinary story of Brave Newbies Inc.

-Matias has words about the New Player Experience, TEST, 0.0 politics, EVE University, EVE culture/meta, and war decers

-Poll Discussion: Most Important CSM Summit Session (bonus discussion: what’s Wrong with 0.0), Best Change to Retain New Players (bonus: what’s Wrong with highsec),

-Contract Wrap Up: Re-Awakened Technologies WH defense + POS Takedown

-This Week In Mercs: New Noir. Academy CEO, New changes to war decs (good ones for a change),  New mercs listed

-EVE News: NOTEC, Goons 5 O’Clock Free Carrier Giveaway, Armor Tanking Changes, EVE University vs CCP Security (Nosy Gamer),

-CSM Roundup: DUST 514 Minutes MIA (finally released few days ago), Overview of CSM as Stakeholders in the Summer Expansion process

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3 thoughts on “DoW Episode 44 w/ Matias “Brave Newbie” Otero

  1. Nice podcast. Too bad people keep thinking they have to dump on E-U. Eve-Uni has been dying for 5 years that I know of…


    E-U *does* work to keep people in the game, and it does work to educate players about the game, for almost a decade now. To dismiss that is to dismiss all the players, in all the alliances that are still out there today. One of the things it does is provides a place for players who *aren’t* a part of any other group or organization to build relationships in game that they might not otherwise meet, then take those friends and go elsewhere.

    I’ve enjoyed watching E-U keep on, keeping on for 5+ years myself now. Here’s to many more!

    • Agreed. They provide a great service to both their students and to the community at large, and nobody can honestly deny that. If you’re EveU and reading this, as a non student with no affiliation, I salute you.

  2. I don’t think any alliance is above reproach. EVE Uni has done awesome work for the community but it doesn’t mean they’ve done the best job, taken the best approach, or wont ever be overshadowed by something in the future. It’s fun to speculate!

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