DoW Episode 43 – ‘Phone calls of a sexual nature’

-Turtle and Alek joined by Deletor (and later Hanthion T Chlovirissian) from Noir. Academy and Puppy UK from EVE Co-Pilot on Youtube
-Milwaukee, WI meetup EVE-O thread:
-Video guides, EVE tutorials, and the direction CCP should take the NPE
-Poll Discussion: the BC changes
-Contract Wrap Up: NA. deploys to Syndicate
-Theorycrafting the Micro Jump Drive
-This Week in Mercs: Chitsa Jason launches CSM campaign
-News: CFC/Test reset, Battle of Asakai, RvB Poinen rumble, armor tanking changes
-CSM Update: Progress on the CSM-as-Stakeholder, next expansion theme picked, CSM8 candidates announce early

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One thought on “DoW Episode 43 – ‘Phone calls of a sexual nature’

  1. I was actually one of those newbs that got suicide ganked within my first several months of playing the game.

    The issue for me at that time, is I had no idea that it was even possible to kill someone in high sec. So of course I hauled everything I owned from mission hub to mission hub while I learned the game.

    I quit the game for 2 years out of rage, but eventually came back and decided to give it another go.

    If it just told me somewhere that it can and will happen, it would have made me more reluctant to haul around my entire cargo in a single ship.

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