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Founded in 2010 by Noir. pilots Alekseyev Karrde and Jimer Lins, Declarations of War has grown from a fun side project to become a fixture of the EVE podcasting community.

From the unique perspective of one of EVE’s oldest and most active mercenary corporations (not to mention a Who’s Who of special guests), DoW goes beyond the headlines with interviews, analysis, and insight into null sec, wormholes, EVE’s mercenaries, the CSM, and more.

And what PVP podcast could be complete without some choice war stories?

Also check out our sister podcast No Guts No Galaxy covering all things Battletech and Mechwarrior.

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  1. Hello, i’v recently learned about your Dow podcast and am interested in checking it out however i like to start things from the beginning and am having trouble tracking down your older (older than ep 29) podcasts. what is the best way to track these down? i could not find the episodes on itunes or on this site. thank you


    • You can find direct links to episodes at “http://declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/episodexx.mp3”, where ‘xx’ is the two digit episode number you’re looking for. Take note that the flash player shows all available episodes, so if it’s not there it means we don’t have a copy of it anymore.

  2. Hello Alek, Ninja, Ali & Jared

    I am new to eve (15 days old) and have just recently discovered your podcast, which I enjoy and am slowly making my way through (Backwards). In episode 53 you were discussing the issue of corporate shares (1000 being issued on Corp. creation and the possibility of a single member hijacking Corp. control) and the confusion as to their actual purpose.

    However given the recent wars and corps asking for donations, couldn’t these shares be used to generate income/revenue, akin to the real share market.

    Given I am new to the game and there is no system currently in place to facilitate share trading… and the fact that this may not even be posted in the correct area, but these could be sold to ‘investors’ for money, as the selling of shares is currently possible.
    i.e. I buy shares in Noir and you provide me a dividend, the better Noir performs the higher the dividend, the higher the dividend the more valuable the share, the more shares you sell the higher the income generated.
    Its a win win for both the investor and the corp.

    These can be sold in times of crisis to generate cash flow (provided the Corp. owner keeps 51% of the shares to retain ownership) .These could also be used by share holders to vote on decisions within the Corp and its direction (again owner keeping 51% would still give him/her full control and avoid take overs).

    I’m sure CCP originally intended for there to be a share market system, and I believe this would be a helpful edition to the game. As it has the potential to give corporations a much larger source of income.

    Just my thoughts on its possible design. Keep up the great work!
    p.s. if you want to sell me Noir shares let me know, lol.

    • You make a valid point that shares can be “sold” off for a certain price. You are also correct in assuming they can be used to pay out dividends; in fact, that’s exactly what NMG. does with its holding corp’s shares. Rather than selling them however, they are given out as rewards for an individual’s accomplishments (i.e. Top Killer on Contract, Employee of the Month, etc.). Using internal market alts, we then have the ability to create separate wallet divisions for each trader to create a cash flow that allows those dividends to be paid.

      Aside from the obvious lack of in-game infrastructure to facilitate any sort of share-related transactions, I think that’s the biggest problem in your scenario. Yes, you could sell of shares for quick cash, but then the corp would be (at the very least) ethically responsible for paying out dividends according to whatever they promised. Meaning, of course, that you need a new source of income to supply the dividend payments if you plan on keeping 100% of the capital raised, i.e. not having to give any of that back in dividend payments. This would be especially true in Noir’s case, where none of the money paid for contracts actually goes to the corp itself (payouts are 100% to the member base). Selling those shares would bring you an initial profit but if you don’t have a system in place to pay out dividends, faith in the shares (and probably the corp) will evaporate almost instantly.
      The other issue here is the ability to create shares on demand, which simply could not exist in any sort of solidified share trading system. Realistically, if a corp is in a position to need money from their members, that’s why the corp’s tax rate exists.

      Glad you’re enjoying the podcast, thanks for listening and all the best of luck to you

      • There currently exists both in game and real world stock market the ability to generate new shares, known as ‘stock dilution’ and the selling of shares in game can currently be facilitated by a ‘broker’.
        You do make a good point with the constant dividend payout and on 100% of Noir’s income being paid to members as well (buying shares in Noir may have been a poor example in my initial comment), but I believe the Share system would be utilised more by Corps currently engaged in a war that drains their bank accounts and where they are not generating enough income themselves to return to the members or its members to give to the Corp (as is no doubt the case with TEST and their territory loss).
        An agreement could be put in place that says the stock owner will get back 115% of the stock price in dividends and then the stock must be returned to the corp.
        This means if I give you 100,000 for a share now you pay me back 115,000 in dividend payments, this essentially allows it to be like a bank loan and since the repayment is through dividends it allows the Corp to pay its bills off slowly after war and once this is done have the stock returned for the next war.
        It is more of a stop gap measure idea currently in the case that donations don’t generate the desired amount. Free donations will always be better than a loan and I agree that the overall concept has some issues, but I believe CCP’s intention was a share market system like in real business.

        Thanks for the reply 🙂

        • I’m aware of stock dilution but the reason that additional shares are issued in real life is typically tied to a concrete event; stock options becoming exercised, for example. As a legit company looking for investor trust (read: not a scammer), you can’t just create an infinite number of shares from nothing as you can in EVE atm. It would be abused and after a decade of watching scams and Ponzi schemes in EVE I can tell you that scam has (more or less) already been done more than once. I do understand what you’re playing at in terms of raising funds for one’s corp, although I don’t agree that CCP created the share system to facilitate some sort of New Eden-wide stock market. The primary role of shares was (and I say was because the concept is almost completely unused and outdated) to facilitate a system that allowed share holders to vote on raised issues through a system in the corp UI (this is where you see the offshoot of people gaining shares and voting out a corp’s CEO) as well as to receive dividend payments from one’s corporation. To my knowledge, CCP has never mentioned anything regarding a desire to create a global market for these shares.

          • Hmmmm, very interesting.
            Im sure this discussion could go further and I have some questions that could be answered, but I may end it there and not further spam up your ‘About Us’ section, lol.

            Thanks again for your reply Ninja. 🙂

          • heh no worries, always nice chatting to an EVE player. You can find us in-game too, Aleks and I are always in “Cafe Noir.” channel when we’re logged in.

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