CSM8: Head to Heads

Election season is fast upon us, and several candidates aren’t wasting any time getting out on the campaign trail. The fair Scotts from Crossing Zebras have done an excellent job keeping track of who has declared their candidacy, as well as begun a series of very probing one on one interviews with them.


Every election cycle, each podcast takes a different approach to their campaign coverage. Xander from CZ is taking the one on one interview approach, while traditionally Lost In EVE will feature large groups of candidates in a debate format. So where do we fit in?


Declarations of War will be hosting one on one, head to head debates between candidates. Ranging from two candidates vying for a similar electorate to candidates of radically opposed philosophies, we will bring you a contrast of ideas moderated by the only podcast team featuring someone who’s actually BEEN a CSM.


Expect to see these style episodes grow in frequency over the next two months as more candidates enter the field and the election draws near. Should be awesome.

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2 thoughts on “CSM8: Head to Heads

  1. Hey there love the show. I just wanted to say in regards to your most recent podcast episode on the topic of the new player experience. I know it might sound maybe hand holdy or a little simple but frankly there is so much to do in this game that I think it warrants it. My idea for improving the NPE is an intro video for first time players giving them a broad idea of what they can do in game.

    I know there are already such videos outside of game but I think it’s important for a broadly based intro video telling players about the various aspects of the game. My idea involves the Scope News network doing a documentary on the Capsullers talking about their opportunities in the universe. I believe a short RP type video like this would help give new players a much broader idea of the game.

  2. Doesn’t sound hand-holdy at all. I think the fact that there’s no incorporated video content in the tutorial is a serious flaw. A while back CCP had Stevie SG voice over some Planetary Interaction and Probing tutorials for YouTube; they were comprehensive but easy to understand and short.

    Need more of those and need to bring them into the NPE imo

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