DoW 66.2 “This Whole CSM Thing”

“So here’s the thing…”

Feat. StarConquer212, Synsational, and a lot of realtalk

-Changes to interceptor agility and an expansion of things you can overheat

-Omnidirectional Tracking Links turned into scripted, active modules with the same strengths as turret tracking computers

-Nerfing the Elephant in the Room: Alek is not pleased that sentry drones and their upgrades are being targeted for nerfs that don’t address the underlying problem of drone assist. A discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the drones as a weapon system ensues

-Meh: Dreads get a slight tracking nerf unless paired with carriers but StarConquer and Turtle explain why it’s not really a big deal

-Expectedly Safe Structures: The MJD Array, the Dscan Disruptor

-Extremely Scandalous Structures: More frustratingly designed siphons, “ESSgate”

-Ali likes the ESS, Alek hates that she likes the ESS, a feeding frenzy on the numerous design issues of the ESS ensues 

-The Big Question: Are these deployable structures a product of reluctance to deal with the core issues holding EVE back?

-Case Study: StarConquer brings up the lack of alliance bookmarks as a major failure of CSM8 WH advocacy which leads to a discussion of a dearth of major features with widespread consensus on value compared to the controversial little features like the ESS

-A Question of Faith: Can CCP actually deliver on their 3 year roadmap and if so where are the landmarks we should be looking for to see progress? And if/when they do get there will it be a compelling enough destination to retain the new players it attracts?

-Where were we? Oh yeah: the ESS. At great length. 

-Jester’s Trudge: CSM Vice Chair Ripard Teg put out a touchstone post called “Another Way of Saying ‘Never'”

-Voyeurism: “EVE is way more fun to read about than it is to play” hits home to most of the cast and we explore why that is

-The Ultimate Irony: Springboard expansions have nothing to jump off too, we’re talking about increasing the peak concurrent user count for a game which crashes because single system capcity is exceeded during fights, and EVE’s ¬†fundamental gameplay dynamic is painfully out of date

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8 thoughts on “DoW 66.2 “This Whole CSM Thing”

  1. I said this on Ali’s blog, and I’ll continue to say it until it gets talked about: All the debate over the ESS would be moot if you could do something with the bounty tokens other than just cash them out. Maybe like how you upgrade systems in Faction Warfare by donating LP.

  2. Heaviest episode ever. I started this episode somewhat hopeful in CCP’s ability to fix Eve’s problems, but now… I think I need a hug.

  3. I have never regarded Farms and Fields as a thing. In all serious unless you specifically designated as a bait ship – does anybody play a game for the masochism? Would you play industry in Null because you are intended to be the punching bag for combat players? Because that’s all F&F is. Anybody with reasonable intelligence will realise this and not bother. Where has CCP ever said that industry exists to alleviate boredom? But that seems to be how some players wish to treat others.

    • One of the main thrusts of F+F is to ensure the incentives for industrial activities in 0.0 to be rich enough to be worth sticking your chin out a little.

      Cant have one without the other imo. If indy guys and ratters dont populate the farms and fields there wont be anything to steal, burn, or defend

  4. The Assist function should disappear to get back drone fleets into check (and I am full drone gallente pilot), as the alternative of giving Assist to all gun modules is totally unacceptable if you want to limit blobs of AFK shooters. Current goal should be to put back the pilot into the seat and switch the warfare to many small fights (with a few big ones for major objectives) instead of the current blob-lag-of-death-fest that encourages AFK-Assist shooting. It would also solve most of the server crashing issues, as a free collateral.

    Those new deployables are more deplorables than anything else, as they promote nothing in the game. If Game Designers want to go the Deployable Way to prepare the replacement of the old POS (or Piece of S**t) code, there are many good ideas out there that can be used to get minor tactical advantages and/or promote local gang fights.

    As of now, it addresses no issue in Null and especially Industry that has a core philosophical issue when it is so badly considered by most null pilots (except to pay them bigger shinies to afk-shoot in).

    Great show

  5. First I want to start with I really enjoy your podcast, and I try to catch each one. (sometimes late) This episode had be talking to my radio in the car as I drove home from work. Well growling more then talking. I think you guys took a big swing and missed completely on the ESS thing. Ok, maybe you fouled ticked it a bit. While I agree the % attributes are woefully low; these items can and will perform as Ali stated, in so much as they could be used to decrease a 0.0 ratters income. Now I will agree that to what extent, can and should be debated and looked at, there is potential for a decrease.
    My justification for claiming you are wrong is this:
    1. rat bounty decreased by 5% from the start. [net decrease to ratter income]
    2. the ratter(s) deploy one and it is stolen from. [net decrease to ratter income]
    3. the ratter(s) see that someone is about to steal from them, they stop ratting warp to the ESS to defend it. They are no longer ratting. [net decrease to ratter income]
    4. pirate joe drops an ESS the ratters see he is a member of Noir and run screaming to the pos or station. No longer ratting. [net decrease to ratter income]
    5. pirate frank drops an ESS the ratters see he is a member or Sorry -EH- and immediately warp to the ESS to destroy him. No longer ratting. [net decrease to ratter income]
    6. ESS deployed and ratters take no notice because they are members of FA and therefore are terrible at EvE. Bounties lost. [net decrease to ratter income]
    7. ESS deployment is noticed and ratters are feeling bold so they warp to it to flex their muscles, but are instantly wiped out by the pirate in a condor because they are members Li3 and even worse the FA. No more ratting and loss of ship. [net decrease to ratter income]

    Now I will agree that the net decrease to ratter income is minor at best, it isn’t fair to say the ESS will not work at all.

    Great job on the Podcast, I can totally see why you are CCP’s favorite and the officially sponsored podcast of the CCP elite. I hope to one day be able to claim we are 1/57th as good.

    All seriousness, great podcast keep up the great work.

    Clueless Space Nerds Podcast

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