DoW 67: Clash of the Titans

“It’s probably the biggest loss you’re gonna see them take for the next 5 years”

Poll Results: Would EVE be better without killboards?, Do you have confidence in CCP’s 3 year plan?

EVE News: The Battle of B-R and analysis of the consequences, Nulli falls back, PL withdraws from the war, Return of the titan drive by, The end of Bombers Bar? We hope not.

Contract Wrap Up: Lowsec Incursions for Fun and Profit, Atlar/Illamur POCO hits

This Week In Mercs: Gevlon Goblin seeks highsec mercs for anti-Goon crusade with hilarious results

CSM Corner: Ali gives a review of the recently held Winter Summit, Alek grills her on what CCP’s perspective is on the next two expansions, Rubicon 1.1 released with needed but still derpy ESS fixes

-Turtle is not pleased about seeing the Tutorial constantly post 1.1

Noir. History: “Failscading since 2008” (All the reasons Noir. sucks)

-Turtle is not pleased about the DX11 bug post 1.1

-If you’re still interested in joining Noir. after listening to that segment, NMG. is actively seeking large PVP corps XD

Ending track courtesy of J-Kraken

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6 thoughts on “DoW 67: Clash of the Titans

    • Sorry that you are not pleased for the DX11, but you can change your client to DX9 in the launcher:
      – top right corner, the small wheel
      – last tabulation : Direct X
      – change from DX11 to DX9 in the selection

      And now you can stop crashing randomly (I was always crashing when logging in space), and wait for CCP to fix the DX11 functions.

      For the Tutorial, I cannot help you with that, and it bothers me too.

      p.s.: sorry for the long soul searching questions from this podcast

  1. Thanks for all your answers on Noir History. It was a lot of information and soul searching, but it will surely help your listeners understand Noir better.

    I hope it will bring a lot of good recruits to NA, as Noir Academy is the best organizational decision Noir could make and the best investment for the NMC future.

    Sorry to hear about Alex Vindicator. Hope he gets a new shiny pewpewlazors unicorn to replace it soon.

    @Ali: CCP needs to be more open to their players about the general direction of their long-term road-map. They don’t have to give specifics but the 5 year plan and general priorities should be open to the public. Eve players are older and more mature and engaged than many MMO players.
    This should be done through the CSM (to avoid some direct heat), as this long term strategy could influence CSM elections and voting blocs, depending of the priorities the player-base wants CCP to work on.
    Currently the voters are in the total dark, stuck on local issues and not being informed about the greater picture, while only the greater picture will player retention in the long term.

    Great show and keep the great work

    • Thanks for listening, we appreciate it. You touch upon an interesting balance of power between the CSM and CCP; the question really is how much influence should CSM have over CCP’s game design decisions. You’ll find a full spectrum of answers to that question but time will tell I think.

  2. Hey Ninja Turtle.

    I used to do Incursions. I do recall an instance when there was an Incursion on a hi-sec island. A couple of things happened. Someone probed out a hi to hi WH – which enabled pilots to get their ships to the island. Plus there was an organised blops effort to bridge into the adjacent low gate onto the island. I doubt its common, but the effort can and has been made even by the risk adverse.

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