DoW 66.1 “2013 Black Mark Awards”

“That’s because I’m blind you jackass!”

Feat. award-winning FC Synsational with special appearances by Noir. Recruit of the Year Horok and StarConquer212 from Verge of Collapse

The results of the 2013 Black Mark Awards are announced! 

-Synsational got mercury poisoning and almost went permanently blind, but he’s fine now and still multiboxes.

Poll Discussion: Rail Proteus

EVE News: WH alliances challenge record for ISK destroyed per minute, A string of supers died recently (one isn’t news worthy anymore), RUS holds onto their staging system but at the price of parts of their JB network, Darkspawn disbands but nothing comes of it, Brave Newbies clashes with the PVP heavyweights of Syndicate

-StarConquer212 joins the panel mid-cast to give a first hand account of that WH fight and brings up whether killboards help or hurt EVE.

Contract Wrap Up: NMG. is hitting lowsec incursions hard to ISK-up during their 6th Anniversary recruitment drive


Bloodiest WH Battle Ever

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