142: Judgement Day

Feat. an even handed discussion of the CSM Summit Minutes

-Judgement Day: TheJudge’s betrayal, gigX’s ban, and the effective dissolution of CO2

-Exclusive: The MC contract that almost was

-The South: What happens now?

-Point by point CSM Minutes breakdown with Alek and Jin #RealTalk

-Plus: Great Wildlands updates, CVA kills a Citadel with suicide Talwars, and Artimus goes tear krabbing


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One thought on “142: Judgement Day

  1. You kept talking about CCP seeding all moons with some kind of ores, whether they are valuable or not and how that is a bad thing. Isn’t it obvious that at some point CCP wants to say that “we’re turning off mining anomaly respawn in the next patch. You’ve got moons and refineries now. Have fun!” and therefore partially removing some of the legacy crap that’s taking time to maintain?

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