143: Live in Vegas

“Game changing”


Winter Alabel joins Artimus and Alek LIVE from EVE Vegas for the first ever face-to-face recording of Declarations of War.

Reporting live from the scene, we break down the MAJOR announcements this year and bring you beyond the stream with analysis from the feature roundtables.

But it’s not all power points! We talk about the epic shenanigans on the strip, the 3535 bar, and a review of Bladerunner 2049 tears friendships asunder.

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One thought on “143: Live in Vegas

  1. With regard to your discussion on cell phone apps; this is where walking in stations needs to be.
    Put the mobile team on to work on building an app that give access to everything you can do while docked, and start building out the vision of WiS.
    The project need not take much dev time away from the core game, nor would it take many pilots from the core game. Having it in a mobile environment, it would not distract pilots at their PC from undocking. It would, however, give folks who are away from their computers a compelling way to interact with the world and other players.

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