CSM XI Round Table 1

“I’m going in there ready for war”

A discussion of the role of the CSM hosted by Alekseyev Karrde.


Brought to you by EVE Bet


DoW 106: The Voice

“Boy, the T3 Dessys are…just….SEXY!”

-DoW Co-founder JIMER LINS makes his long awaited return to the show

-Poll Results: Best Doomsday

-Alekseyev Karrde went to EVE Down Under! All the crazy stories revealed

-The Mittani vs /r/EVE: Kickstarters and controversies

-Big changes coming to logistics, we’ll go over the changes and the impact on the meta

-Contract Wrap Up: Cloud Ring

-Plus much more!

End Song: https://soundcloud.com/tracksfordays/rcade-head-over-heels