DoW 106: The Voice

“Boy, the T3 Dessys are…just….SEXY!”

-DoW Co-founder JIMER LINS makes his long awaited return to the show

-Poll Results: Best Doomsday

-Alekseyev Karrde went to EVE Down Under! All the crazy stories revealed

-The Mittani vs /r/EVE: Kickstarters and controversies

-Big changes coming to logistics, we’ll go over the changes and the impact on the meta

-Contract Wrap Up: Cloud Ring

-Plus much more!

End Song:

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4 thoughts on “DoW 106: The Voice

  1. On the comments on the Fountaun War book. It was specifically put out there as a non-biased book based on the war. People from both sides of the war were invited and encouraged to contact the author directly. This is easily foud with the most basic research on the topic and really discredits the opinions of the speakern on this topic

  2. Hi Aleks,

    Normally I really enjoy the podcast but was disappointed with this one when it came to the discussion of the infamous fountain book. To be clear, I did not support the kickstarter and thought it was terribly handled by all parties.

    That said, the author, Jeff Edwards, did in fact engage TEST to get their stories. There was a popular AMA reddit thread with the author and also public mumble Q & A. Everyone was encouraged to send the author their stories directly. For your guests to assert that the project would be completely biased when factually that wasn’t the case is pretty bad either from a lack of preparation/understanding or their own bias on the topic.

    I thought it was also a bit disingenuous on your part to not mention people like Grath & Elise of PL, Sapporo Jones of TEST, Sort Dragon of Darkness, and CCP itself supported the kickstarter.

    I do agree with Aleks that this will make future attempts at projects like this more difficult and that isn’t good for anyone or eve itself which is a shame.

    • Fair points Owl.

      I do think efforts were made to involve different perspectives. But the optics were the editorial process was too tightly controlled by one in game group.

      Would it be a fair and compelling story or a glorified fluff piece? Unfortunately we’ll never be able to say for sure because the book will never come out.

      And that is a shame.

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