DoW 94- Sweet Sugar, Save Me

“If you smellllll….”

Special guest Sugar Kyle joins Aleks and Thaddeus Drake

Poll Results: How do you feel about CSM X?

-EVE News
CFC rebrands as The Imperium
– LAWN and EXE relocate
– FA and PBLRD close down
– Provi Invasion? Maximilian Singularity VI wills it
HERO Moves to Fountain
NC First Strike into Provi? Reddit rumors as defensive SBU fall

-NoNotBelieving Update
Providence is getting wrecked
Noir. Academy returning home from HERO
Alek’s Golem story

-This Week in Mercs
Pandemic Horde

-CSM Corner
Logogate X, where X equals the limit as X approaches zero of 1/X

Ending Music- Tender Sugar (Empire Mix)

EVE Media Roundtable- Episode 2: Nullsec Changes

Aleks hung out with Wiggles and Co. for the second installment of the EVE Media Roundtable show, a well-moderated, panel-style discussion between members of the greater “EVE media” scene covering (in this episode) most things nullsec.

Note: This is a redistribution, if you’ve already listened to this show elsewhere it will be no different here.

DoW 93: Hands-On Ship Spinning

“New Players; fuck em.”

Poll Results: Proposed Sov Changes

-EVE News
A look back at the highs and lows of Fanfest 2015
And a look forward to a complete redesign of structures in EVE
Texas South En Fuego – Delve, Catch, and WIcked Creek

-NoNotBelieving Update
First major 0.0 deployment: Providence

-This Week in Mercs
Mercenary Coalition loses Black Storm Cartel, picks up Coreli Corp. and the Space Cossacks, returning to old member counts; looses super to Snuff Box.

-CSM Corner
The new CSM 10

Ending Music- Post Malone – White Iverson (Hiko Momoji Remix)

Sorry for the delay, had a bit of a hiccup w/ my rig last week but we’re at it again. Thanks for listening!