DoW 93: Hands-On Ship Spinning

“New Players; fuck em.”

Poll Results: Proposed Sov Changes

-EVE News
A look back at the highs and lows of Fanfest 2015
And a look forward to a complete redesign of structures in EVE
Texas South En Fuego – Delve, Catch, and WIcked Creek

-NoNotBelieving Update
First major 0.0 deployment: Providence

-This Week in Mercs
Mercenary Coalition loses Black Storm Cartel, picks up Coreli Corp. and the Space Cossacks, returning to old member counts; looses super to Snuff Box.

-CSM Corner
The new CSM 10

Ending Music- Post Malone – White Iverson (Hiko Momoji Remix)

Sorry for the delay, had a bit of a hiccup w/ my rig last week but we’re at it again. Thanks for listening!

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2 thoughts on “DoW 93: Hands-On Ship Spinning

  1. On the “no local” nullsec vs wormholes and afk cloaking. There are 2 issues in my mind, on afk cloakimg they afk cloak because they have no risk and there is no way for them to be found or caught. People constantly reference wormholes and no local there, however they have options available to them nullsec does not. They can close off their entrances so they can make their money in relative safety and you cannot cyno into a wormhole. Imagine wormholes if you were unable to close off the hole and you could cyno into them. That is the heart of the issue, afk cloaking and force projection.

  2. On afk cloaking…I propose a capital fitted module that would send out an EMP-like pulse that decloaks ships but gives the pilot a chance to reactivate their cloak without being seen. Something like a 30-60 second timer that a cloaked pilot would see and counter. I propose capital-fitted because you should need to risk something more than a T1 BS to run off afkcloakers or cloaked capitals.

    This would also require coordination in local to prevent decloaking an afk cloaked friendly.

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