DoW 104: Win, Win, Win

“Even when we lose, we win”

Poll Results: Best post-change Battlecruiser

EVE News:
-Hydra/Camel DQ’d from AT13 for illegal collusion
-Highlights from the CSMX Summit’s Day 4 minutes

Corp Update: New Logo, New Recruitment Portal

Merc News: Forsaken Asylum shuts its doors

Ending Music: Charlie Sheen- Winning

DoW 93: Hands-On Ship Spinning

“New Players; fuck em.”

Poll Results: Proposed Sov Changes

-EVE News
A look back at the highs and lows of Fanfest 2015
And a look forward to a complete redesign of structures in EVE
Texas South En Fuego – Delve, Catch, and WIcked Creek

-NoNotBelieving Update
First major 0.0 deployment: Providence

-This Week in Mercs
Mercenary Coalition loses Black Storm Cartel, picks up Coreli Corp. and the Space Cossacks, returning to old member counts; looses super to Snuff Box.

-CSM Corner
The new CSM 10

Ending Music- Post Malone – White Iverson (Hiko Momoji Remix)

Sorry for the delay, had a bit of a hiccup w/ my rig last week but we’re at it again. Thanks for listening!

CSM 10 Issue Panel- The Changing Role of the CSM and the CCP/CSM Relationship

We present to you the first of our two CSM 10 candidate round-table style discussions, focusing on the changing role of the CSM and the CCP/CSM dynamic.


  • DomanarK
  • Khador Vess

Issues (not a comprehensive list):

  • CSM Whitepaper
  • Interpretations of the CSM’s mission
  • Access and dissemination of information
  • Repairing a damaged CSM/CCP relationship

Thanks for listening. I’m working on the second roundtable now, look for that in a few hours.

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