DoW 100: The 100th Episode

Alek and Turtle take to the stars for the 100th (!!!!) episode of Declarations of War.

The DoW hosts fleet up for the first time since Turtle left Noir. and set out on a roam through Black Rise, Cloud Ring, and Placid while recording the podcast LIVE!

In addition to the conflicts exploding across New Eden after the Aegis patch and TRUST’s recent contract in Scalding Pass, we talk fits, scouting, how to draw aggro, how to run from the blob, and generally have a good time.

End Song: Alekseyev Karrde – EVE Online (Is Frightening in the Dark)

DoW 96- Rolling Basis

“Next time, don’t send a Duck to do a King’s job.”

Poll Results: What’s your favorite Sindel Pellion song?

-EVE News
Plex for Good ends, raises over $76,000 for Icelandic Red Cross to benefit Nepal
Editor’s note: It has now come to light that this PLEX for GOOD raised over $100,000!
Alliance Tournament 13 announced, signups open until June 8th
Sentry drone nerfs, partial deployment of ‘Fozzie-sov’ in Carnyx (patch notes)
DBRB sacrifices Revenant that actually generates a killmail

-Alliance Update
Recruitment upswing with new corps joining
TRUST enters the AT raffle
MC invites TRUST to assist with Dronelands contract

Ending Music- SAINT WKND x SAINT MOTEL – My Type