DoW 96- Rolling Basis

“Next time, don’t send a Duck to do a King’s job.”

Poll Results: What’s your favorite Sindel Pellion song?

-EVE News
Plex for Good ends, raises over $76,000 for Icelandic Red Cross to benefit Nepal
Editor’s note: It has now come to light that this PLEX for GOOD raised over $100,000!
Alliance Tournament 13 announced, signups open until June 8th
Sentry drone nerfs, partial deployment of ‘Fozzie-sov’ in Carnyx (patch notes)
DBRB sacrifices Revenant that actually generates a killmail

-Alliance Update
Recruitment upswing with new corps joining
TRUST enters the AT raffle
MC invites TRUST to assist with Dronelands contract

Ending Music- SAINT WKND x SAINT MOTEL – My Type

DoW 95- Special Guest Mike Azariah

“Which makes sense on so many levels.”

Aleks and Thad are joined by CSM Veteran and Emperor-for-life Mike Azariah; Turtle is back next week.

Poll Results: Who will be on top of Providence by the year’s end?

-EVE News
NC. in Providence
BL dunks Imperium titans despite internal drama
Large WH engagement
New Sindel Pellion song

-NoNotBelieving Update
Providence contract completed with video

-CSM Corner

Ending Music- Sindel Pellion- Blue List