CSM9 Issue Panel: Development and Community

Feat. Ali Aras, DNS Black, Jayne Fillon, and Xander Phoena

-What’s the biggest thing wrong with the NPE?

-How do we balance for new players while keeping veterans engaged?

-Little Things vs. Big Things

-What do the candidates think about the EVE Roadmap and CSM’s role in executing it?

-How much of EVE’s core gameplay brings out ruthless competition and to what extent will candidates stick up for the “villains” of EVE?

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CSM9 Issue Panel: Sov, Power Projection, and PVP Balance

Feat. Angry Mustache, Gorski Car, Psianh Auvyander, and Xander Phoena


-What direction/perspective do you approach ship balancing from?

-Small gang objectives vs balancing large fleets

-Farms and Fields

-Can we ever get away from shooting structures?

-Power projection vs localized content