CSM9 Issue Panel: Sov, Power Projection, and PVP Balance

Feat. Angry Mustache, Gorski Car, Psianh Auvyander, and Xander Phoena


-What direction/perspective do you approach ship balancing from?

-Small gang objectives vs balancing large fleets

-Farms and Fields

-Can we ever get away from shooting structures?

-Power projection vs localized content

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3 thoughts on “CSM9 Issue Panel: Sov, Power Projection, and PVP Balance

  1. Um… dynamic null sec with 2-3 superblocks wont happen really

    Maby a good question is should be gaining sov be easy or hard? Should it scale depending on the size of the attacker/defender?

    People complaing that sov null income is shit for individuals… it may would be an issue if a power block wouldnt be able to cover it member loses(SPR) in 100% (duno if all have it)… i hear stuff about people not earning ISK beacause it’s no point, that the SPR pays for there PvP game fully

    CCP could develop some “pseudo-sov without sov” system for lowsec/highsec for those small alliances that don’t want be in blocks(or whatever resons) like POCOs, (maby ESS in low/high too) or some other stuff. But the issue is that block may do shit there to like POCOs(wonder does CCP/CSM has/saw data of who hold how much of them directly or thru shell corporation to hide from public)

    Nerf power projection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jum clones are not an issue
    jump bridges are notalso, but are negotiable
    Titan bridges and capitals/supers are the thing that need the power projectionnerf as a thing !!!
    Jump freighter nerf would be cool 😛

  2. Angry comes off as defensive at several times. I think he needs to work on his responses to questions that he perceives to be tainted with “I hate goons”.

  3. Farms and fields denial deployable. Call it the Concord Deployable Police Station or something… scares all the pirate rats away.

    Drop in system kind of like ESS.. have to defend it in some way, but while its up no rats/anoms/ect spawn in system and current sites despawn.

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