DoW 78 All Dogs Go To Heaven

“DUST is literally the worst thing you’ve ever done.”

-Fan, friend, and former guest of the show Puppy UK passed away. Though his is a deep loss for the community, we’ve gotta believe he’s still flying

-Turtle puts to rest any rumors he’s secretly PranksterPinkiePie

Poll Results: What’s the 0.0 hot spot you’re most interested in?

EVE News: Providence updates from the front lines, Gevlon Goblin (who still owes Alek 2b ISK) finally has a good idea, EVE is dying 2014: Noisy lays out the numbers

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. finally wins a scrim!

This Week In Mercs: zzzzz (send in some stories!)

CSM Corner: CSM and CCP have their noses to the grindstone, Ali with the latest

Masterclass: Identifying and dealing with bait

Ending: Crius Theme

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8 thoughts on “DoW 78 All Dogs Go To Heaven

  1. Jesus Christ, are you guys fucking serious? You should rename your podcast “declarations of bittervets”. Your sense of entitlement is baffling.

      • You lost me at “make the game fun again”. It’s a sandbox for crying out loud. I’m going on 10 years and I’m having the time of my life.

        I’m sorry to be blunt, but if you’re not having fun you’re either doing it wrong or EVE isn’t for you. Try something new!

    • I normally wouldn’t post, by the way, I love the podcast. But after listening to the last episode, I can’t help but feel conflicted. On one hand, I agree with athe general tone and the dismal state of current affairs happening in Eve as of late. It saddening, yes, depressing to the point of wantin to get lightweight emotional about it. On the other hand, it’s like you’ve accepted your duty and obligation to sign your own death certificate. The fact that things are in the deadlock that they are is actually more of a blessing than a curse. Remember when we all fist starting playing and were just blown away by the complexity of Eve and it’s many possibilities? Well, all of those possibilities still remain, it’s us that have changed. Yes, we’ve explored the many facets Eve has to offer, we’ve been the good guys, the bad guys, the noobs, bittervets, and everywhere in between; but the journey isn’t over yet. One of the most unique things Eve players have a claim to is the unique relationship we as players, host with the company that develops the game unlike any other. How many other games do you know of that have anything even remotely like the CSM? Beyond that, just the level of interaction between the players and the devs in our little sandbox is unprecedented. We must use this opportunity to it’s fullest potential, and not just fade quietly into the night. If things suck, let’s do our duty as part of this unique relationship to mend wounds. You, as a member of the blogging community, have a voice that carries further than most. Remember the power which you wield.

  2. I disagree with the other guys.. I think you guys are doing a great job.. This is the only eve online podcast I actually enjoy listening to.. My comment is really for the eve newspaper.. Noone seems to remember that years ago that when you logged on you used to see all kinds of stuff by the Intersteller Correspondants. In fact, ccp’s own journalists were the cause of ccp’s internal affairs department after the whole B.O.B. thing happened. T2 BPO’s and threatening to fire one of the IC’s over a titan scandal as well.. 🙂 So Goblin’s idea is not new and those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.. 🙂

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