DoW 77 Break a Cartel

“Mmmyeaaaaah I disagree…”

-Leader of Break-A-Wish Foundation Adriel Malakai joins the show as our special guest

-Meetups!!!! Des Moines IA Meetup , Boston Meetup

-EVENT: Bring Me the Head of Kirith Kodachi 3 June 29th

Poll Discussion: Will you miss Jester’s Trek blog?

EVE News: Shadow Cartel schism, Nullsec brushfires (Delve, Provi, Geminate)

Contract Wrap Up: Noir.’s ATXII prep pushes ahead, deploys to Delve with BL and MOA to keep things interesting between practices

This Week in Mercs: An interview with Adriel

CSM Corner: Crius first impressions

Masterclass: Small Gang Communication

-Music: Groove Armada & Brodanse – Sweat feat. Cari Golden (J-Kraken Beatport Remix)

Programming note: Guest and friend of the show PuppyUK passed away recently. We found out the news after this episode was made but on our next show we’ll be taking a moment to honor Puppy.

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