DoW 78 All Dogs Go To Heaven

“DUST is literally the worst thing you’ve ever done.”

-Fan, friend, and former guest of the show Puppy UK passed away. Though his is a deep loss for the community, we’ve gotta believe he’s still flying

-Turtle puts to rest any rumors he’s secretly PranksterPinkiePie

Poll Results: What’s the 0.0 hot spot you’re most interested in?

EVE News: Providence updates from the front lines, Gevlon Goblin (who still owes Alek 2b ISK) finally has a good idea, EVE is dying 2014: Noisy lays out the numbers

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. finally wins a scrim!

This Week In Mercs: zzzzz (send in some stories!)

CSM Corner: CSM and CCP have their noses to the grindstone, Ali with the latest

Masterclass: Identifying and dealing with bait

Ending: Crius Theme