CSM9 Issue Panel: War Decs

Feat. Psianh Auvyander, Psychotic Monk, Mangala Solaris, Ali Aras, and Mike Azariah

-A slight mixup results in a supercharged five candidate panel!!!

-What is the current state of war decs and empire combat?

-What role do war decs play in the EVE Online ecosystem?

-Are war decs a griefing tool responsible for driving players away from the game?

-What are their realistic expectations for being able to have any development resources spent on war decs during CSM9’s term?

-Each of the candidates ask one another a question!

Keep it classy and vote April 8th!

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2 thoughts on “CSM9 Issue Panel: War Decs

  1. Excellent episode and probably my favourite in the series. Some really good ideas expressed cogently and succinctly and some pretty nifty ninja-editing. I’d love to see an objectives based method of shortening/lengthening war decs, which encouraged people to undock en masse and go and do “something” for the betterment of their Corp.

  2. Some thoughts 🙂
    1) When a war dec is declared have the tutorial flash for the War Dec info until dismissed. Probably needs to be checked on content.
    2) When declaring a war-dec the aggressor must drop a deploy-able in the system where the targets office H/Q is located.
    3) If destroyed by the defenders the war is surrendered by the aggressors.
    4) Cost of deployable through the LP store but should be around 250 million, RF POCO timer, EHP should be removable by a 5 man dps crusier gang.
    5) Deploy-able should be scoopable, can’t be placed around a station, POS, Gate and is scannable.

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