Interview- spiralJunkie

Too often, we gamers take for granted one of the most important functionalities of the human body: our ability to coordinate and utilize two hands to complete (often unrelated) tasks in unison. If you don’t understand what I mean, just stop what you’re doing and then start again, but this time using only one arm. Do this and you’ll have a faint idea what it’s like for my friend Tom. Diagnosed with Takayasu’s disease after suffering a stroke almost four years ago, Tom was left completely without the use of his left arm. As you can imagine, this presents a considerable number of hurdles when video games have essentially always been a two-handed affair.

After years of tackling these challenges himself, Tom has created a new website looking to reach out to the disabled gamer community so that others might have an easier time with their own challenges. Tom took a few minutes to chat with me in studio about his new project, as well as share some of the feelings and experiences that come with the territory; because, as Duke Senior so aptly states,
“Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head”

If you are a disabled gamer (any disability, any game), Tom wants to hear from you. Drop him a line at contact(at) and share your story through his brief questionnaire. Most importantly, thank you for taking the time to listen. Tell your friends, spread the message and help make a meaningful difference for a fellow gamer’s quality of life.


DoW 75: No, Not THAT Michele Bachmann

“In Kronos there will be lowsec content and it will be amazing.”

-Former foe, client, and friend of Noir. Michele Bachmann of Failed Diplomacy/Shadow Cartel joins the show with an interview and some insight.

Poll Results: Did you make fat stacks during Burn Jita?

EVE News: Supercaps square off in Daras, Mordus ship stats get released and we’re here with analysis on meta impacts, and the beloved economist professor Dr. EyjoG leaves CCP for a top position at a major Icelandic university, GENTS and Li3 merge into The Bastion

Contract Wrap Up: Segmentum Solar trials for membership in NMG.

This Week in Mercs: Noir. Academy relaunches, some new and returning merc units get featured on the show

CSM Corner: Freightergate, Holy shit lowsec content, the industrial revamp is pushed back from the Kronos release

DoW 74: Iceland En Fuego pt. 2

Contract Wrap Up: CFC Controlled NW 0.0, Burn/Save Jita 3, FAILD/FRONT POCO fight

-Alek goes in depth on Gevlon Goblin breaking contract with Noir. and the subsequent Goblin’s Reckoning campaign while Powers keeps drunkenly interrupting him

This Week in Mercs: NA. relaunches with a new CEO and a streamlined training program

CSM Corner: The winners were announced, CSM9-to-be announce they will not have officer titles like Chairman, CCP/CSM Liason and friend of the show CCP Dolan leaves for Riot games

-Alek goes max smug about correctly predicting the Russian bloc would not elect a candidate this year

DoW 74: Iceland En Fuego pt. 1


“Can I swear on this program?”

Feat. Goonswarm FC/Diplo Powersv2 and random empire industrialist Paynus Miassus who will NOT be quitting following the industrial changes

-Both of our guests get interviewed as we explore the Alek/Powers Twitter bromance and Paynus walks us through his depressing life and high-end retail brick/mortar capitalist endeavors

EVE News: All FanFest reveals discussed!!!!, Ali and Turtle share their FanFest stories, The Industry revamp is fully unveiled and the cast discusses it with griefer expert Powers and empire industrialist Paynus who is going to 0.0 to pursue indy cash, GENTS and Li3 merge

-Powers suggests a joining of the herds between Noir. and Zebra Corp