DoW 74: Iceland En Fuego pt. 1


“Can I swear on this program?”

Feat. Goonswarm FC/Diplo Powersv2 and random empire industrialist Paynus Miassus who will NOT be quitting following the industrial changes

-Both of our guests get interviewed as we explore the Alek/Powers Twitter bromance and Paynus walks us through his depressing life and high-end retail brick/mortar capitalist endeavors

EVE News: All FanFest reveals discussed!!!!, Ali and Turtle share their FanFest stories, The Industry revamp is fully unveiled and the cast discusses it with griefer expert Powers and empire industrialist Paynus who is going to 0.0 to pursue indy cash, GENTS and Li3 merge

-Powers suggests a joining of the herds between Noir. and Zebra Corp

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