DoW 75: No, Not THAT Michele Bachmann

“In Kronos there will be lowsec content and it will be amazing.”

-Former foe, client, and friend of Noir. Michele Bachmann of Failed Diplomacy/Shadow Cartel joins the show with an interview and some insight.

Poll Results: Did you make fat stacks during Burn Jita?

EVE News: Supercaps square off in Daras, Mordus ship stats get released and we’re here with analysis on meta impacts, and the beloved economist professor Dr. EyjoG leaves CCP for a top position at a major Icelandic university, GENTS and Li3 merge into The Bastion

Contract Wrap Up: Segmentum Solar trials for membership in NMG.

This Week in Mercs: Noir. Academy relaunches, some new and returning merc units get featured on the show

CSM Corner: Freightergate, Holy shit lowsec content, the industrial revamp is pushed back from the Kronos release

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3 thoughts on “DoW 75: No, Not THAT Michele Bachmann

  1. good work guys, informative and entertaining!

    I would like to hear more from the OF side… You’ve mentioned then twice now but seems a little one sided, what do they have to say? what were the reasons for the war? Why do you no longer see FD in Hek anymore? Most of us are bystanders so was just curious what really went down. Anyway, that’s my challenge to you, get the OF CEO on, whatever his name is….

    Most enjoyable, carry on o7

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