DoW 74: Iceland En Fuego pt. 2

Contract Wrap Up: CFC Controlled NW 0.0, Burn/Save Jita 3, FAILD/FRONT POCO fight

-Alek goes in depth on Gevlon Goblin breaking contract with Noir. and the subsequent Goblin’s Reckoning campaign while Powers keeps drunkenly interrupting him

This Week in Mercs: NA. relaunches with a new CEO and a streamlined training program

CSM Corner: The winners were announced, CSM9-to-be announce they will not have officer titles like Chairman, CCP/CSM Liason and friend of the show CCP Dolan leaves for Riot games

-Alek goes max smug about correctly predicting the Russian bloc would not elect a candidate this year

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3 thoughts on “DoW 74: Iceland En Fuego pt. 2


    FRONT version and we do disagree on this part.

    FRONT didnt wanted to help on blue on blue. If you look back on the pod cast here, Noir. was hired by FAILED to do RR against FRONT and Gradient, who FRONT allied up with against FAILED.

    FAILED asked FRONT to support them in a fight against Gradient, which we didnt want to. Dispite this two members from FRONT was shooting Graidents allies logi, and a former FRONT member who was flying two of the guadians came on FRONT ts, asking FRONT to stop shooting 7-2 Guadians as they were helping Graident. The outcome of this fight was FAILED lost 20B ISK, which they partly blaim FRONT for.

    We will never agree on what happend that night, i still respect Airric, and i do fell a bit sad about the outcome from the lastes WAR Noir. got involved with.

    Anyway as always great podcast, saved my day at work 😀

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