DoW Episode 42 – Winter Minutes Edition

Hello friends,

Declarations of War is proud to bring you an episode devoted completely to the CSM 7’s recently released minutes from the 2012 Winter Summit. We didn’t stop there; we also convinced TWO CSM8 candidates to come! Mynnna (aka Corestwo) and Ripard Teg join the discussion to help us tackle some of the most important sections of the minutes. Enjoy!

00:04:21 Context of the CSM7 Winter Summit
00:10:40 Thoughts regarding stakeholdership
00:27:10 Null sec 1 & 2
00:54:45 CSM Whitepaper and voting reform
01:08:40 Ship Balancing
01:21:55 Closing thoughts

DoW Episode 41 – The CCP Edition

-Special Retribution Recap with CCP Fozzie and CCP Punkturis…
-Derails into babies, Icelandic cuisine and tips for getting your very own CCP employee
-Our audience enjoys Ripard Teg’s blog. Who’s Hitler now Turtle? ;p
-Noir. joins Black Legion. as Venal heats up
-We ring in the New Year with shoutouts to everyone listed in Merc Contracts
-Kai86 banned, THE GOD SQUAD name sniped by Marmite Collective
-AAA implodes, corps scatter to several different blocs
-HBC/CFC getting bored and taking it out on one another
-Super caps dying in near record numbers as the year turns over
-CCP Fozzie’s proposed BC changes analyzed

DoW Episode 40 w/ Connall Tara

Happy New Year! In this last Declarations of War for 2012, Fly Reckless’ Connall Tara joins us to ensure we don’t stay on script for more than a few minutes at a time. Enjoy!

-Connall details the nuances of small-ship combat and living in Red vs. Blue
-Contract Wrap Up: Noir. Returns to Providence
-This Week In Mercs: Bounties baby!
-Retribution released, the good and the bad. And the CSM (thanks Connall)
-Dec Shield: Success or Failure
-Three Titans Dead, Thirty More Take their Place
-Wars in the South: We talk HBC, Stainwagon, -A-, N3, SOLAR, Black Legion.
-CSM Pre-Summit Townhall recap
-Freaky Four Way: Ripard Teg vs. Mynnna/ vs. CSM vs. most other quality bloggers
-Fresh from the trenches, Alek gives his impressions of the first two days of the Winter CSM Summit.