DoW 92: A Whole New World

Short episode this week but thanks for listening all the same. I’m headed off to Fanfest in just a few hours and while we’re not doing any live coverage this year, I’ll still be taking notes diligently for a recap when I get back. Player presentations are supposedly streamed this year so catch mine Saturday at 3pm for a good laugh!

EVE News:

No Not Believing Update

This Week in Mercs:

  • Mercenary fanfiction continues with Gevlon vs Seraph

DoW Episode 41 – The CCP Edition

-Special Retribution Recap with CCP Fozzie and CCP Punkturis…
-Derails into babies, Icelandic cuisine and tips for getting your very own CCP employee
-Our audience enjoys Ripard Teg’s blog. Who’s Hitler now Turtle? ;p
-Noir. joins Black Legion. as Venal heats up
-We ring in the New Year with shoutouts to everyone listed in Merc Contracts
-Kai86 banned, THE GOD SQUAD name sniped by Marmite Collective
-AAA implodes, corps scatter to several different blocs
-HBC/CFC getting bored and taking it out on one another
-Super caps dying in near record numbers as the year turns over
-CCP Fozzie’s proposed BC changes analyzed