DoW Episode 40 w/ Connall Tara

Happy New Year! In this last Declarations of War for 2012, Fly Reckless’ Connall Tara joins us to ensure we don’t stay on script for more than a few minutes at a time. Enjoy!

-Connall details the nuances of small-ship combat and living in Red vs. Blue
-Contract Wrap Up: Noir. Returns to Providence
-This Week In Mercs: Bounties baby!
-Retribution released, the good and the bad. And the CSM (thanks Connall)
-Dec Shield: Success or Failure
-Three Titans Dead, Thirty More Take their Place
-Wars in the South: We talk HBC, Stainwagon, -A-, N3, SOLAR, Black Legion.
-CSM Pre-Summit Townhall recap
-Freaky Four Way: Ripard Teg vs. Mynnna/ vs. CSM vs. most other quality bloggers
-Fresh from the trenches, Alek gives his impressions of the first two days of the Winter CSM Summit.

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9 thoughts on “DoW Episode 40 w/ Connall Tara

  1. I find the claim that Ripard is not allowed to blog about CSM matters (or by implication, anything) because he “doesn’t play the game” as much as you do (or at all, I felt you implied) in very poor taste. For one thing, you provide no evidence that he does not play the game and quite frankly I think he does. For another, logging in and playing does not necessarily impart greater knowledge and insight into Eve anymore than driving a car makes you a mechanic or automobile engineer.

    By your criteria (i.e. not playing as much as you), most bloggers should close up shop, myself included.

    The whole section really got off the rails and sensationalist, IMHO, which was funny because that is what you were complaining about Ripard doing. By the time you got to comparing him to Hitler in terms of community contributions, I started to wonder if it was an elaborate troll.

    • Turtle made that assertion and it’s not necessarily one I agree with. I think Ripard regardless of activity actually in client definitely is active in the EVE *world* through his blogging. My point was more that his activity level might be a reason why his point of view seems to lag a good deal behind the actual pace of events, leading to a curiously reactionary tone in a lot of his posts. Viewing the CSM’s Strat Doc through the lens of a peace time CSM was one of those, since for at least 2 weeks we were making signals that peacetime was drawing to a close. To Ripard’s credit, he made a followup post when he realized he had some outdated assumptions, but I think that a prominent blogger like him HAD been so far out of the loop of current events was significant.
      Either way, he’s certainly ALLOWED to write about whatever he wants and say whatever about it. But we’re allowed to have opinions on the quality of his analysis too.

      The Hitler thing was absolutely a troll. Now Goebbels… ;p

        • btw, did you record this podcast before joining Black Legion? Surely, we would like to know the back story on that, and how its going transitioning to a big powerhouse like BL. I hope that you will talk about it in the next podcast then?

          • We did record this before joining BL. I really wanted to talk about it but this was long enough already! Besides, it really just would have been an announcement at that point. Now we’ll actually have some fights and experiences to go into.

            We’ll be talking about it on either 41 or 42, depending how long our sessions with the CCP devs goes.

    • I don’t think we ever said he had to close up shop; Ripard blogs some honestly readable things when he’s not making outdated assertions about the CSM. Those assertions are my only problem with the way he runs his blog.
      That being said, referencing Hitler in that segment was clearly a troll but my point was still an honest and valid one. Just because you think you’re doing something good doesn’t mean that’s its actual effect; just because you say something doesn’t make it true. His perspective is just that: his. Likewise with ours.

  2. Number of kill-mails Alekseyev Karrde is on in 2012: 562
    Number of kill-mails NinjaTurtle is on in 2012: 171
    Number of kill-mails Connall Tara is on in 2012: 492
    Number of kill-mails Ripard Teg is on in 2012: 836

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