DoW Episode 47 w/ Lioso Cadelonne’s DUST 514 correspondent and Noir. Academy member Lioso Cadelonne guest hosts with Alekseyev and Turtle

-March Poll Roundup: 800mm vs 1600mm plates, Trebor vs Monk and Chitsa vs Cipreh

-Contract Wrap Up: The Marmite Collective

-This Week In Mercs: Noir. becomes the first mercenary alliance to establish a major DUST side to take planetary conquest contracts and a look at the Merc Contracts CSM8 candidates

-EVE News: Li3/HBC drama, Ethereal Dawn evicted from 0.0 as SOLAR’s coalition withers under Pandemic Legion assault, an overview of the Syndicate Competitive League, and a look back at the Battle of New Caldari

-CSM Coverage: CSM8 elections begin, an analysis of the new voting system, where to go for the best election coverage (besides right here of course!), and the panel digs in to the drama surrounding the three most notorious CSM8 candidates


DoW Episode 40 w/ Connall Tara

Happy New Year! In this last Declarations of War for 2012, Fly Reckless’ Connall Tara joins us to ensure we don’t stay on script for more than a few minutes at a time. Enjoy!

-Connall details the nuances of small-ship combat and living in Red vs. Blue
-Contract Wrap Up: Noir. Returns to Providence
-This Week In Mercs: Bounties baby!
-Retribution released, the good and the bad. And the CSM (thanks Connall)
-Dec Shield: Success or Failure
-Three Titans Dead, Thirty More Take their Place
-Wars in the South: We talk HBC, Stainwagon, -A-, N3, SOLAR, Black Legion.
-CSM Pre-Summit Townhall recap
-Freaky Four Way: Ripard Teg vs. Mynnna/ vs. CSM vs. most other quality bloggers
-Fresh from the trenches, Alek gives his impressions of the first two days of the Winter CSM Summit.