172: A Few Minutes Later w/ Commander Aze

“This isn’t fucking CNN; you can’t Trump Playbook this shit.”


-Frequent CSM candidate Commander Aze joins the show once again for this packed episode

-Worth the Wait: We finally deep dive into the CSM Minutes and Artimus has literal pages of notes

-Briscy Business: Brisc Rubal is removed from the CSM and banned for life for NDA violations, which he denies

-Aze’s Announcement: Due to the highly public nature of CCP’s announcement RE Brisc, Aze rethinks his goals

171: Around the World in 9 Years w/ Katia Sae

“I still haven’t done the Alliance Tournament systems, might have to throw some ISK around.”


-Intrepid explorer Katia Sae, the first person to visit every system without dying, joins us for the show

-We go in depth on Katia’s historic journey and what’s next for the man who’s seen everything

Spring Balance Pass: Stacking reps, Titan HAW nerf, Carrier nerfs, Rorq nerfs, subcap buffs!

-T2 Triglavian ships are getting us real hype

-Alek kills his first Rorq