172: A Few Minutes Later w/ Commander Aze

“This isn’t fucking CNN; you can’t Trump Playbook this shit.”


-Frequent CSM candidate Commander Aze joins the show once again for this packed episode

-Worth the Wait: We finally deep dive into the CSM Minutes and Artimus has literal pages of notes

-Briscy Business: Brisc Rubal is removed from the CSM and banned for life for NDA violations, which he denies

-Aze’s Announcement: Due to the highly public nature of CCP’s announcement RE Brisc, Aze rethinks his goals

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One thought on “172: A Few Minutes Later w/ Commander Aze

  1. Artimus is really getting offbase on a lot of his positions. He sounds like he’s bitter or grumpy about something. Some of the logic used to connect potential scenarios is flawed. Assumes irrational behavior.

    The whole brisc conversation, So when CCP says they’ve recovered the isk and assets, but the meta show claims to know about ALL of the characters involved… a bit naive and frankly stupid.

    CCP did what they thought was required to maintain integrity of the CSM. Full stop. They’re under no obligation to consider impact beyond this scope.

    The only thing I agree about is they said too much.

    Aze gave a summary towards the end that was entirely circumstantial and assumes that rich lawyers never break any laws. Give me a break. I’m glad you guys called him out for that.

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