DoW 97- To RMT or not to RMT

“High horse”

Poll Results: Would you still enter the Alliance Tournament even if you expected to lose?

-EVE News
NC. pushing into Providence with supers, FCON seen in the area reopened after several players banned for alleged RMT

-Alliance Update
Previously alluded incoming corp changes mind at last second
AT raffle lost, beta Sov raffle won
WH carrier fight

-This Week in Mercs

Ending Music- Millencolin- No Cigar

DoW 95- Special Guest Mike Azariah

“Which makes sense on so many levels.”

Aleks and Thad are joined by CSM Veteran and Emperor-for-life Mike Azariah; Turtle is back next week.

Poll Results: Who will be on top of Providence by the year’s end?

-EVE News
NC. in Providence
BL dunks Imperium titans despite internal drama
Large WH engagement
New Sindel Pellion song

-NoNotBelieving Update
Providence contract completed with video

-CSM Corner

Ending Music- Sindel Pellion- Blue List