DoW 76: Fallen Angels

“I don’t know what more to say about it: it sucks”

-Noir. director Deletor subs in for NinjaTurtle this week

Poll Results/Discussion: Do these new lowsec drops make you want to move there?

EVE News: CCP lays off high-profile staff, An investigative report into the death of World of Darkness, CSM8 Vice Chair Ripard Teg retires from blogging, and Kronos first impressions

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. is reminded why they don’t do assassination contracts and ATXII preparations begin

This Week In Mercs: Narwhals Ate My Duck returns, Pursuit of Happiness vs Marmite Collective + Darwin’s Lemmings (payback’s a bitch), and shortly thereafter Darwin’s Lemmings shuts its doors

CSM Corner: CSM9 gets onboarding meetings with key devs in advance of the summer summit

Master Class: Shield Ishtars, how to use them and how to beat them

Outro: I Burn, RWBY