DoW 76: Fallen Angels

“I don’t know what more to say about it: it sucks”

-Noir. director Deletor subs in for NinjaTurtle this week

Poll Results/Discussion: Do these new lowsec drops make you want to move there?

EVE News: CCP lays off high-profile staff, An investigative report into the death of World of Darkness, CSM8 Vice Chair Ripard Teg retires from blogging, and Kronos first impressions

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. is reminded why they don’t do assassination contracts and ATXII preparations begin

This Week In Mercs: Narwhals Ate My Duck returns, Pursuit of Happiness vs Marmite Collective + Darwin’s Lemmings (payback’s a bitch), and shortly thereafter Darwin’s Lemmings shuts its doors

CSM Corner: CSM9 gets onboarding meetings with key devs in advance of the summer summit

Master Class: Shield Ishtars, how to use them and how to beat them

Outro: I Burn, RWBY

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4 thoughts on “DoW 76: Fallen Angels

  1. I was a big fan of Jester’s Trek, but I agree the tenor of it changed over time.
    Then it occurred to me… would you say that the blog became for “tin-foily” (to use your term) after Ripard joined the CSM? Was that was broke the robo-blogger? If so, was it the workload or what he was exposed to as a CSM?

    • I think Jester’s Trek actually became less tin foily after he was elected. That’s to be expected given the level of information access he had and relationships developed compared to before.

      I don’t know if there’s a word to what happened to Ripard during the course of the term though. Radicalization? Ripard has always been a bit hostile to the macro level idea of non consensual PVP. He became less interested in conspiracy theories and more convinced of a messianic silent-majority ideology, wherein he and his silent majority could “save the game” by eliminating or isolating the PVP focused minority.

  2. Another great show by the best pod crew out there. Keep to the merc roots but you guys do a great job covering meta, patches, RL CCP and tactics.

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