DoW 87: The Passion of the Fozzie

“See what you’ve done Bam? This is all your doing.”

-Special guest Bam Stroker!

Poll Discussion: Will your corp/alliance be using Phoebe to jump start a new conflict?

EVE News:

-Contract Wrap Up: Stay Frosty FFA, POS contracts

-This Week in Turtles: Surprising facts about turtles

-CSM Corner: UI improvements incoming, CCP/CSM One Year Later

-Dramatic Reading: “I’m good enough to get in, trust me bro.”

Music: The Rainbooms – Awesome as I Wanna Be

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9 thoughts on “DoW 87: The Passion of the Fozzie

  1. That was a whole lot of PL spin on how they are outnumbered and how supercaps really aren’t a big deal. What’s next, an interview with the CFC about how poor they are?

    FC plz…

    • not sure if you’re referring to me, but i(‘m) a) not in PL, b) not in an alliance dropping any sort of capitals on anyone and c) have absolutely no control over anyone’s prerogative to drop aforementioned capitals. in terms of being outnumbered, division gives the pretty straightforward answer that brave’s alliance has a little over 5 members to PL’s 1. Given the conservative average of something like 2-3 alts per actual PL member, it’s really more like 15 to 1.

  2. This Turtle guy is a complete joke. Waffles are nothing more than a PL feeder corp that regularly support PL on fleet ops despite the ~No Blues~ hurfing Turtle has been on recently. You’d think he’d know this considering he’s in Waffles.

    Stick to what makes your podcast good: Merc work & eve discussion without spin. Having some clown on your show legitimizing a null bloc regularly dropping 30+ titans and supers on a noob alliance is pathetic.

    also good call on the packers vs eagles.

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