DoW 86 pt. 2: Minute by Minute

“So now we’re gonna get into the CSM Corner…”

CSM9 has set the record for fastest official minute release

Extensive Minutes Discussion:

  • Minutes process improvements and the frequent-release era
  • Sugar Kyle’s lowsec philosophy
  • Module Tiericide
  • 0.0 and sov
  • CONCORD now intervenes when corp members shoot each other
  • Alliance logos, ship skins, the power of identity and how CCP is dragging their feet on unleashing it
  • CCP Seagull: “It’s time to get over Incarna and start taking risks again.”
  • 20% of new players never train a skill (wtf?!)
  • Incursions acknowledged as broken ISK faucet

Music: Shia LeBeouf Live (Rob Cantor)

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7 thoughts on “DoW 86 pt. 2: Minute by Minute

    • As it is with most things in bureaucracy, your best bet at being heard is to push your message through the best available channels. In this case, your best bet is probably the Features and Ideas Discussion subforum dedicated to just this sort of thing. I will say this: a lot of people think they have the best idea for one thing or another but shockingly few are able/willing to put that concept on paper and open it for public discourse. If you’re serious about it, flesh out the idea into a prototype concept and make a post.

  1. Yes it’s a thing for me… i pay for this game for a reason… and not having pink and shit ships. Such shuff is/or should be involved in the subscription game… in a F2P game i wouldnt care beacause it’s f2p… simple

  2. I have to seriously disagree with the Ship skin thing. I’m all for letting Alliances/Corporation put their symbol on the ship, that would be a nice touch but not be be overly invasive.

    But the idea of re-skinning would simply ruin the aesthetics of the game, I think it’s easy to dismiss this but considering the amount of time CCP has spent on making the ships clearly it’s important to someone. Also there are plenty of people who say “I want to fly ____ because it looks awesome”. Turning EVE into a 14 year old’s myspace page would just ruin it.

    • There’s a very important difference with MySpace: If you dont like the guy’s ship color scheme you can blow him up so you dont have to look at it anymore.

  3. Having your flag on the map is important in Null Sec, as it reduces the fuel cost of maintaining your PoS infrastructure. Without that sov reduction, many poses become non profitable to operate, making a structure-less sov a grief-full sov: instead of syphoning the profit, bigger entities will grief the wallet of smaller entities that won’t be able knock those structures easily… and we’re back to renters paying up the big bullies, with roaming fleets wrecking havoc, just because they can (and can evacuate at any sign of another bully).

    Any Sov must require the attackers to come and stay on site, occupy the space and disrupt the current users… not simply jump from structure to structure (and timer to timer) with an overwhelming force. As soon as they have to stay to have an effect, they become static targets to other bullies, placing their force at risk.

    I am all for an occupancy sov hybrid, where the more activity (PvP, ratting, Mining, Industry, Exploration, Trading… whatever you want to imagine) you have in a system, the more you can invest in many aspects your system: either making it harder to conquer (higher HP, guns on gates, enemy cyno jammer…), or providing bonuses in activities (ratting, mining, sites, anomalies, refining, manufacturing… why not whole system effects or buffs to ships/systems/attributes ?).
    That way, you give an incentive to use the space (which is very easy to take over when not upgraded for defense) with choices and trade-offs in the activities you want to promote.
    If upgrades cost are exponential, you will end-up with all-around balanced systems or more dedicated systems (for industry, for choke-points defense, for resources gathering, or trading, for logistics…), giving flavors to the space you live in.
    Of course, as in any such system, an keep-up maintenance cost is required or you lose upgrades (when your activity is lowered [because you are somewhere else] or disrupted), slowly over time. Such recurring cost would be much lower than buying a new upgrade, making the decision process meaningful.

    I am happy that CCP refused to place NPC Null everywhere, as the bigger bullies would put Capital Caches everywhere (safe as those are NPC stations) and could hit the full map, as they used to, in even more impunity than before. This would have allowed them to keep their renter/ransom empires untouched, keeping Null stagnant.

    @Aleks: I hope the changes in Capital projection are not going to hurt mercenary deployments as much as you hinted, as it would be bad for the overall health of the game

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