DoW 86: October Surprise pt. 1

“Was there a wink?”

Poll Discussion: Phoebe Jump Change Revisions

EVE News:

  • Alek and Ali give an extensive first-hand account of EVE Vegas including off-stream hijinx, roundtable reporting, 5v5 and Valkyrie PVP results, and Noir.’s fortunes on the Vegas Strip
  • Nyx gets ganked for charity
  • NoHo fights against the odds in an overwhelming victory in w-space
  • Nullsec rearranges the map in prep for Phoebe as the DoW cast gives you the latest on who’s doing what, going where, and why

Contract: Outer Ring Pipe Camp


Links: EVE Down Under


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2 thoughts on “DoW 86: October Surprise pt. 1

  1. Pretty sure the “majority” of Eve is all for the Phoebe jump changes as such a high majority of players live in High Sec and love the Null Bear Tears.

    That said, I don’t understand why with the new accelerated development releases, they don’t implement smaller incremental changes to allow players to adapt, and to allow CCP to measure the repercussions.

    Although I am terrible at poker, I’m up for an all Eve poker game next year.

    Poker is also the cheapest way to get comp’ed drinks and meals in Vegas. I even got upgraded to a suite one night when the hotel was nearly empty and the girl at registration saw I was a comp’ed player.

    • CCP definitely monitors the reprecussions of their changes (via metrics and CSM and forum monitoring etc) and the faster release cycle allows CCP to make any tweaks or adjustments in 2 month blocks instead of 6.

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