Dow 85: A Slightly Closer Bridge

“Now, I read in the comment section of some news sites that you plan on then RMTing that isk…”
-Alex and Turtle tag-team the show with guest/friend/former CSM 9 member Major JSilva
Properly timed poll discussion: What’s your read on these jump changes?
EVE News: EVE Vegas hits capacityCFC/Nulli supers down, still not news; Pandemic Legion/Waffles. ‘support’ CVA sov warfare in Catch, down a station upgrade in the process; The Research Race of YC116 begins (and concludes), with the major results to be announced at EVE Vegas
Interview: Major JSilva
Contract Wrapup: Outer Ring, weeks 2/3
This Week in Mercs: Break a Wish hired for industrial sabotage
CSM Corner: Silva looks back on his time on CSM9; Dev Blog Roundup: Updates to the Sensor Overlay, Exploration Buffs, and upcoming Forum improvements.
Ending: Jem and the Holograms- Only the Beginning
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2 thoughts on “Dow 85: A Slightly Closer Bridge

  1. I figured I comment on the surprise of indy types listening to this podcast.. I love this podcast and I’m a hardcore carebear, mission runner, market trader, and t1 mfger.. Your podcast kinda gives me an insight into the workings of null and what stuff is being blown up..

    • See I dunno. If you’re genuinely interested in the workings of nullsec and who’s blowing up who why, etc. are you *really* a carebear?

      Either way I’m happy to have you and your manufacturing/trading brethren in our listening community.

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