DoW 70 “I Need a HERO”

“Woop woop”

-Alek will now be cohosting the TForce LCS Rundown so all you League of Legends bros come get your fix

Poll Discussion: NC. or Nulli?

EVE News: HERO CO has arrived, Darkness of Despair disbands with N3/PL recovering lots of space, NEO II finals this weekend, the ALOD to end all ALODs

Contract Wrap Up: The conclusion of our titanic Tenerifis contract

This Week In Mercs: Listener mail about hiring mercs and the Minmatar highsec POCO struggle comes full circle

CSM Corner: CSM is knee deep in summer expansion planning, progress being made on the minutes, and CCP dips their toes into ship skinning

Masterclass: Recap and Reflection on Ali’s Solo Training


Hek Battle

3/22 Maryland Meetup

3/22 Milwaukee Meetup

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