CSM9 Election Coverage, Request for Comments!

Hey folks, our CSM9 election coverage is about to start up. We’ll be doing panel discussions of 3-4 candidates at a time going over their approaches to the many challenges EVE and its community face. This is where you come in:

Leave a comment on this post about what issues you’d like to see the candidates grouped around! CCP/CSM relations? Player communication? Sov mechanics? Industry? You name it and we’ll try to make it happen!

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10 thoughts on “CSM9 Election Coverage, Request for Comments!

  1. If you’ll be having discussions with as many as 4 candidates at once I’d like each of them to have differing Eve backgrounds from the next, if possible. Why ask questions of 4 null-sec candidates when they’re likely to reply with the same or similar responses?

    Instead ask one from hi-sec, one from low-sec, one from null-sec and a wormholer the same questions, and for their viewpoints and concerns, and things are likely to get interesting.

    If elected they’re all going to have to play nice and get along with each other, so this could be a litmus test to see how things are going to turn out when the real work starts.

    • I’m going to focus on what the candidates say they’re about not where they’re from. If there’s an empire candidate with strong opinions on 0.0 we will definitely try to throw them and other competing views in the mix. What I don’t want to have is the panel talking past one another though.

      • Oh, indeed – if members of the panel are prone to cutting off communication of other members of the panel that’s no good for the podcast and it won’t be any good on the CSM either. I still want to hear about any potential personality conflicts though if they’re there, because that would definitely affect who I vote it.

        Right now we have one on one interviews on a handful of other podcasts and a Jita Park thread per candidate and I can’t find where it is they have to interact with each other. So I’m quite keen for these 3-4 person plus host/s discussions. CSM is a council of players from all walks of Eve life that need to work together efficiently.

  2. Quality of life is a good topic. Also industrial stuff. If there’s anybody advocating industry I’d like to hear from them. They never seem to win though.

    – Ceaser

  3. 1.) How would you overhaul high sec war mechanics?

    2.) Imagine this scenario: you are elected to CSM 9. CCP wants to make walking in stations a feature for a future expansions, but wants to avoid the pitfalls of Incarna. What advice would you give CCP? (“Don’t do it!” or resignation are cop out answers.)

    3.) What area or feature in EVE needs the most work, and how would you fix it?

    4.) How do you feel about characters with names like Toothbrush AnusBeater making it onto the EVE monument?

  4. I strongly urge you to invite low security space, lowsec and LS candidates 😉

    Lowsec is a growing community with a focus on true, dyed-in-the-wool PvP, more so than any other area of EVE. As such it has both unique concerns and a singular insight into daily conflict between players on a small to medium gang level.

    Last year was LS had no representation on the CSM. This year it is with a sense or urgency that we look to candidates like Funky Bacon and Sugar Kyle to help us address the issues we care about.

    Please consider having both these fine candidates on your show.

  5. Would love to see industrial issues talked about (including UI changes).
    Opinions of ship balancing (are we there?) or what passes still need to be made.
    Pie in the sky ideas (or, things we’d love to see happen but will not in our lifetime)

  6. I would like to hear Psychotic Monk as he is a more controversial candidate and wondering how he would defend his ideas in say a debate with a current csm8 member who is running also for csm9. That would make a real interesting listen in my opinion.

    • Gotta agree with you there. One issue with finding opponents for Psychotic is it’s rare to find a serious candidate that staunchly opposes his views. Last year there was Trebor and that debate was awesome. This year might be harder to find a good match but we will definitely try.

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