DoW 69 “Triple Entendre”

“Ohhh myyyy” -Tubguy

Poll Results: Have you hired a merc?

EVE News: Siege of 0-W and counter attempts, NC. attempts to regain the initiative, -A- forced out of Wicked Creek

Contract Wrap Up: Defense of 6I-3VX and the Battle of T-AK

This Week in Mercs: Psianh Auvyander releases a second interview on the merc industry, Marmite Collective breaks 1 trillion ISK a month in total kills (hat tip to Freight Club), Suddenly Spaceships sends in an exciting battle report

CSM Corner: Election season is underway, an early look at the candidates, and a preview of upcoming DoW election coverage

Masterclass: Proper Fleet Balance

-Alek can’t bet on the NEO because he lost all of his EVE-Bet seed money on the Women’s Hockey gold medal game

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3 thoughts on “DoW 69 “Triple Entendre”

  1. Tub Guy, wherever you are, I hope there is an Applebee’s where you can find an ethnic minority to give you the high hard one.

  2. Thanks for the shout. I want to point out that the other guys in Freight deserve a lot (most?) of the credit, including for development of techniques and intel work.

    Freight is by no means “basically” me!

    Here’s to Snarkki, Lord Kami, Tarsas, Loeni, and all of our current and emeritus members.

    • Didnt mean to leave the other guys out, but I do think you’re the most well known dude. They definitely deserve tons of recognition for your amazing ganks though

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