DoW 68: Actually We’re Serious

“More horn covers is the general consensus of EVE right now”

-Pell Helix, CEO of recently evicted (in part by Turtle) WH mercs Surely You’re Joking, joins the episode as our special guest

Poll Results: B-R Themesong

EVE News: B-R fallout continues, Black Legion breaks ties with CFC and attacks Circle of Two in Tribute

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. Moves to Venal

-Alek and Ali give first hand accounts on how the revamped ESS are working as content generators

This Week in Mercs: Pell Helix interview, Surely You’re Joking evicted by SSC+KILL+friends, Turtle and Pell give the inside perspective on the battle between SYJ/BRAVE and SSC/KILL, Psianh Auvyander’s ‘Current State of Mercenaries in EVE’ blog post (feat. Psianh joining us for a chat)

CSM Corner: The CSM’s part of the minutes are in, Drone Assist (finally) gets nerfed, LogoGate

Masterclass: ESS Raid and Defense Tactics

SYJ Soundcloud Troll
And then this happened.

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9 thoughts on “DoW 68: Actually We’re Serious

      • Actually, you are wrong, and Abvit is correct. Everset Dropbears DID spawn from E-UNI. We started up as a group called D6 within the UNI. We were supposed to be a revival of their low sec program, but Apochrypha was going live that winter, and things very quickly morphed into us going to be a wh crew for the UNI. We had our 1st POS up in a C3 5 hours after Apochrypha went live, and we had a continuous presence in wormholes for a year.

        Unfortunately , Kelduum got hoodwinked by the intel director (who was later turfed by the UNI), and froze all our assets (we had 40 billion in the UNI wallet, plus a lot of stuff in hard assets). We were forced to liquidate everything, and distribute it amongst all the D6 members. That left a bad taste in our mouths, and the bulk of us left and formed Everset Dropbears.

        • I’m sorry, in retrospect I realize how poorly I worded those sentences: “It’s Dropbears Anonymous” should have read something like “It is Dropbears Anonymous that we’re speaking of in the podcast, not Everset Dropbears.”
          Interesting story though.

  1. As Xander is running for CSM and will not do the Candidates Interviews this year, will DoW ramp up to interview at least part of the candidates ? (Null, Merc, ??)

    We all know it is a huge work, but the CSM process is lessened without interviews.

    It could also be a partnership with other podcasts, to spread the workload (Sindel is talking about doing some, eventually).

    p.s.: Ali for Chairman !

    • It’s possible but not likely we’ll take the torch from CZ. At least in that format. We will definitely have some ramped up CSM content for the elections though. We are still discussing the exact format.

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