DoW 65 “Successful Diplomacy”

“Better Late Than Never”

Poll Results: Turtle Reviews Movies Alek Won’t Watch

EVE News: RUSRUS makes steady gains in the south, Battle of B-S7 (Rail Proteus vs Domi/Tengu), TEST and EMP attack Vale of the Silent, Jita Brings in the New Year with Fireworks

-N3/SOLAR T3 Fleet Doctrines compared, contrasted, analysed, etc.

-EVE’s Server Issues and Why/When/How CCP will expand single system capacity

Epic Contract Wrap Up: WH True Sansha Large POS Takedown (Gevlon Goblin) and Honourable Third Party Logistic Support (Failed Diplomacy)

This Week in Mercs: Alek announces nominees for the first annual Black Mark Awards


Dramatic Reading: “Get a Move On”

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3 thoughts on “DoW 65 “Successful Diplomacy”

  1. Logistic support to FAILED

    Nice sum up on the fight against FAILED. I have a few commets to add, and props to FAILED to bring Noir. in, and some head slamming to FRONT for not resetting Noir.

    From day one of the WAR with FAILED, FAILED claimed to have miss clicked the WAR dec and ask if they could surrender. They had been at WAR with us before, and knew it would become exspensiv. The surrender terms was to leave the POCOs in Pator and give me a Janitor to clean up their mess. There was an issue on TQ where you could not surrender, so FAILED made a patision to CCP to get the surender trough, which happen the day Noir. joined the fight.

    It was only 21 POCOs we reinforced not 40, but still something to be concerned about.

    FRONT reinforced FAILED POCOs to pressure them to surrender, we no real goal in getting the POCOs. Just after the fight FAILED CEO contacted me to ask ask if they could surrender, and i said yes, if he brought the Janitor i asked for. So he did:

    Later on CEO of FIALED asked if it was OK for them to dec people in metropolis without us interfeering and we made a deal on that part.

    You can read our side here:

    And ya see the youtube from our Armor fleet, we had two fleets out, one shield and one armor, where armor was suppose to chase FAILED and Shield suppose to attack POCOs.

    Last note is, FRONT didnt call back our null sec people, this is who FRONT is, an alliance pressent in both null and Empire with focus on both. If we had call back Null people flet would have been alot bigger, but we rarely have to do this.

  2. I just assumed being a nullsec alliance you didnt *have* any empire people to speak of, esp not PVPers. But thanks for clarifying some points and linking more info Ynot!

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