DoW 62 “Zebras Are People Too”

“Wow, that’s a really horrible question to ask me in front of Ali isn’t it?”


Feat. Xander Phoena, host of Crossing Zebras podcast

-Fan Mail: Alek lets the listeners own words tell Xander how it is about who has the better podcast

Poll Discussion: Can you use a T2 cruiser/BS weapon system?

-Great discussion about training plans, fleet fits, and skill overlap

EVE News: SOLAR joins up with Stainwagon to fight N3 Coalition starting a massive 0.0 war, SCL 5 brought us the first in-combat of preview of Rubicon, CCP tries an ambitious live event with mixed results

Contract Wrap Up: Finishing touches on the campaign in Providence, a POS takedown contract in Hasama

This Week In Mercs: Ali Aras joins Noir.! Mercs prep for the landrush of Rubicon

CSM Segment: Xander talks with the CSM veterans about CSM8’s performance to date, Ali eats crow over the summit minutes which leads to a discussion about improving the minutes process, Rapid Missile Launcher changes

Masterclass: Local Tanking vs Passive Tanking, When and Why

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8 thoughts on “DoW 62 “Zebras Are People Too”

  1. 1. In no Live Event a CCP actor was a FC of a fleet, this was the same.
    2. You are talking about Live Events from the perspective this null one and Cal Prime… you know there was/will be more of the normal(that none of you took part of, i could be wrong) ones that you will never even mention of.
    3. This was the first one put in null, so far we had them only in high and low(they were ok) sec.
    4. Players should organize there fleets, and it always was like that in all events. There are groups or more like alliances that are loyal to a certain faction(s)(for example TS-F and Sansha Nation)and may be more organized.

  2. In regards to potential traitor FCs in live events: CCP also does have the resources to reward players in the community who are particularly helpful. Why not offer large sums of isk to FCs who help out? Wouldn’t that be how a corp or coalition do it in a similiar situation?

  3. I’d like to hear more about tactics in PvP.

    Lately I was wondering is it even possible t0 take down assault frig like Wolf or Enyo with normal t1 frig.

    I don’t have high skills so I will be more than glad if I can hear how can I do well in pvp.
    Is number of SP always such big advantage? Like I got no chance in duel with a person who got more skills? When I engage in duel I’m nearly always fighting vs a person more experienced and with more skills than me.

    My main question is: is there a place in EvE solo pvp world for people with low SP?
    Or I just need to wait like 60d to do anything?

    Please give me some pro tips.

    Btw I love your show!!
    And to be honest I listened to Crossing Zebras to and DOW is so much better.
    If ‘official CCP certificate’ was real you should get it not them.

    Keep it going!

    • Obviously going head to head against someone with the same ships but they have more SP and combat experience you are at a pretty bad disadvantage. But things like getting the first shot in, managing range, managing heat, transversal, and tank strategies can be deciding factors in an upset.

      Your best bet as a low SP pilot is to either get in a ship and look for targets that ship counters or go 0ut with a partner and 2v1 people. There’s a great vid about this: (this was pre T1 frigate buff as well)

    • for low sp players that want to fight solo or in small gangs I would recommend fraction warfare. Cheep frigs and fighting is usually frigate vs. frigate for the most part making the barrier to fighting that much lower.

      other ways is to join a training group that are around EVE (Red vs Blue, and I am banging my head on the desk trying to remember the biggest one at this moment that takes newer players and train them )

      It is possible, but usually those aren’t fights you want to take (t2 resists and they usually have t2 guns and equipment on them )

      You can try various ewar on them and such (disruption is great against frigates, before I took a break from eve at least ). There are ways but make sure that you fight them on your terms and not theirs, if they pick the fight better to retreat and fight again (even if I don’t take my own advice and lose badly cause i am the type that wants to try )

      I have been away for a bit so some (a lot ) of ships and tactics have changes but the basic is the same, fight on your terms or don’t fight if you don’t have to.

      also, remember when fighting someone with higher Sp doesn’t mean they are good or all there sp is in the ship they are flying, or maybe they have been inactive for a while and so on.

      also, I’m glad you guys are still doing this Pod cast, full of fun and information.

      so again, I recommend FW for solo PVP for low sp people, best chance of taking on people in one v ones on equal footing.

  4. Hey thanks for the shout out! Made my day haha. And if Xander is reading this I most definitely understand her #1 CCP podcast tittle is in jest, as were my comments. I enjoy both shows.

    I was thinking in regards to the minutes a possible solution would be to break the minutes down into a more manageable size. By this I mean during the winter summit say to the CCP folks, this time around we are going to create a schedule, where each week, or bi weekly a segment of the minutes is published. Make that process begin no later than 2 weeks after the summit. The first post should outline the agreed upon timetable and contents. The time table is firm and agreed upon by both the CSM rep responsible for that section, and the reviewing party at CCP. This will allow for regular, content rich updates by the CSM, provide players time to digest and respond to topics without and overflow of input on a myriad of topics, and most importantly (to address the current problem) make the work load more manageable and make all parties involved more responsible to generating what Xander rightly pointed out is absolutely most fundamental piece of evidence that you guys are at all relevant.

    If CCP for some reason feels this is unacceptable then you should remind them that if they want to continue to use having a player elected counsel of stellar management as a selling point to EVE, they better start being responsible to the process and the CSM, or they are blowing smoke.

    Good luck with it all. If you have any questions or want me to clarify what I mean let me know.

  5. What I don’t get about this whole live event is the following: All the time you hear nullsec people complain that people from highsec do not take the leap to join them. Here there was a chance for nullsec powers to show what they can do for players. When CCP basically dropped them in the middle of nowhere, FCs and pilots could have stepped up and taken inexperienced players under their wing and lead them further.

    Instead they go for a cheap “smash the pubbies” approach.

    I guess on this day the alliances of nullsec contributed significantly to the average highsec player’s impression that nullsec is absolutely no fun.

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