DoW 63: “Rubicon of Tears”

“If you noticed you’re paying a lot more for T2: You’re welcome.”

-CSM Rep and top Goon economist Mynnna joins us as the special guest to discuss Rubicon and CFC’s ongoing oppression of highsec

-The show was recorded the day after Thanksgiving in the US, so our hosts give EVE thanks and share their best holiday stories

Poll Discussion: Who are you supporting in the RUS vs N3 war?

EVE News: RUS/N3 War cools down a little but opens new fronts, -A- selects a non-Russian as their new executor, Rubicon launches to much rejoicing and lamentation

-Mynnna talks highsec POCOs and GSF’s partnership with RvB in pursuit of planetary conquest

Contract Wrap Up: Rubicon Landrush

This Week in Mercs: Marmite Collective gets creative for charity starting “MERCS for GOOD”

CSM Corner: CSM Minutes still aren’t out but are likely to show up before Christmas, a Reddit dev AMA demonstrates the value of the CSM NDA, Rubicon’s .1 patch

Dramatic Reading: “Because I fucking live here why the fuck do you think?!”

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One thought on “DoW 63: “Rubicon of Tears”

  1. My PI corpies should be hoping the goons expand. They’ve shut down their HiSec PI, but at 5% will be back. Maybe raise near Jita taxes as the fair trade zone expands.

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