“I think we need to go to commercial after that one”

Special Guest: Phreeze, the infamous FC of Insidious Empire

Poll Discussion: CCP’s Community Support Incentives

EVE News: Somer/DNSBlack/Poetic RMT controversy continues, Pandemic Legion baits out over 30 Black Legion super carriers in an epic space battle

-Phreeze rants about Odyssey, bombers, and T3s. But mostly bombers.

Contract Wrap Up: The 9UY campaign in full force with fierce fighting featuring nearly every major alliance in 0.0, CVA squeaks out a defense in spite of themselves

CSM Segment: Panel discussion on the new POS Siphons

Masterclass: T1 vs T2 weapons

(End Music: NinjaTurtle x TwoStep shipping)

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8 thoughts on “DoW 61 “NERRRRD”

  1. I don’t know if you guys read the comments here but I really want to talk about siphons.

    What I don’t understand is: why this isn’t implemented as a heist?

    Something like:

    1) So you anchor your POS and in some way set it up so it’s vulnerable to siphons at some time period (a few hours) that matches your peak TZ.
    2) I buy an expensive module siphon module.
    3) Me and my crew can fly to your POS during it’s vulnerable period and anchor it. You get notified.
    4) After some startup time, we start stealing stuff from you. Fast. You want this stopped ASAP. You form your response fleet.
    5) We start ferrying some of the goods out in a hauler. You might want to try to intercept this if you can. It would be cool if this hauler was forced to slow boat it to a friendly station uncloaked. Perhaps a mechanic could be implemented that required several trips to and from the siphon.
    6) At some point we decide that the hammer is going to be dropped soon and try to unanchor our siphon and run for it. If we do this part wrong you potentially end up with our expensive siphon unit after killing our fleet.
    7) If for some reason you guys were doing something more important on that specific day and couldn’t respond, eventually the vulnerable period is over and we have to wait until tomorrow to come back.

    It goes without saying that there are a lot of numbers here that are going to need to be balanced to get something like this to work. I should also say up front that I’m personally in the camp of “people who can’t live in some space on a day-to-day basis most of the time shouldn’t get to own infrastructure there” so I do realize that this would be a problem for people who own POSes all over the map.

    Anyway, I’ve been playing EVE off and on with a group of RL friends for the past few years. We can only play as a group a few specific nights a week and as such have struggled to find something meaningful to do. We are currently just hanging out in faction warfare but personally I’ve always wished there was a good reason for us to mess with POS infrastructure as an entity that can’t really defend our own we might potentially put in its place. The above is sort of my personal “if I were a dev” idea I’ve had for quite a while. I thought I might be finally getting when I heard siphons announced and was actually really excited. Instead, I got a pretty lame way to grief some corp’s logistics guy.

    Love the podcast!

  2. Why did that guy think it was okay to eat on the podcast? Maybe we just had a speech impediment and if that’s the case, if feel bad but still…

  3. 1. I don’t know Phreeze but he’s a jackass on this podcast. And the eating thing was annoying.
    2. Turtle is the smartest guy there, and he should get more room
    3. Siphons are a good concept. Of course Mynna and Phreeze don’t like them. They are exactly the kind of absentee landowners benefitting from existing mechanics that are stupid this mechanic tries to address.

  4. FunFact is that through Alih and her content infusion proviblock seems to finally get some of their stuff together… there are new people getting interested in pvp, the diplo relations with other entities are existing again.

    A lot of people are coming back to where they got content right outside their stations – and I think that if something like this would have happened sooner, the internal bitching between corps would probably not have happend and sound would still be blissfully in provi 😛

    Finally – concernign the endless sbu’s and sov grinds – never forget that u are dealing with people who like grinds… mining, ratting or sbu harvesting. They drag u down to their level and beat u with experience 😉

  5. Is it just me or does Phreeze sound like a high-sec carebear whining about suicide gankers messing up their mining ops when he talks about bombers?

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