DoW 60 “BlankGate”

“I wish I had a lawn chair”

EVE News: Blinkgate, TEST joins Caldari FW, Gal/Min FW goes on the offensive, Mattias Otero steps down as Brave Newbies CEO, EAF changes confirmed for Rubicon

Poll Discussion: Rubicon feature hype!

Contract Wrap Up: Noir.+SOUND (and friends) launch offensive campaign against old Providence

This Week In Mercs: Demand for highsec POCO contracts looks to be living up to expectations

CSM Segment: Minutes update (now with more schadenfreude)

Masterclass: Sentry Fleets


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One thought on “DoW 60 “BlankGate”

  1. Yuali Federation did a nice bombing run againts the BB fleet killed half of it or something like that beacause they didnt align.

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